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World exclusive first pics of the new quickfill system for first generation (Non-quickfill)HW100 owners from Best-fittings here in the UK

First pics of a prototype being developed by Richard over at Best Fittings ( 0845 456 1185). AGT approached Best Fittings to produce a quickfill retrofit unit a few months ago, Richard agreed the idea was a good one and working together you now see the first prototype under test. This is a totally end […]

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Computers and chronographs…easy or hard?

Airgunning in the UK is really quite complicated, Brits by nature are 100% sure fire tinkerers, BUT with the law being so tight here in blighty we have to limit our tinkering to improving consistency over power increases in the most part. What this means is anything you do to your beloved airgun you need […]

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Just started testing a new (to me) cable/connect for combro cb 625 mk4 and Chrony chronographs

Initial testing looks good, the lead (USB) and software came courtesy of Andrew over at More soon with initial shot strings and a thoughts on the auto graphing system it allows

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Slow to get going but we are getting there!

Been on the buy….sound meter for Silencer testing, HW80 modifications with a build log to follow and a new rifle on its way at the end of May for review… Will also be testing the PC link for the Combro Chronograph, which just happens to be Chrony friendly also…looks like I have some software to […]

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