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HW85 Part 4, the piston and inner sleeve/rear bearing

Had a little more spare time so its onto the piston on the HW85, the spring I will be using for this tune is the Titan Xs No5, it has an OD of around 19.5mm and 3mm wire, this means I can bore the sleeve using a 19.5mm drill and it will be a nice […]

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Beech stock refinishing experiment

Had this HW80 stock a while, decided it was time to experiment on it over 2 late nights to see what sort of finish I could get using Gel Stain and Danish Oil. This stock was a beater, quite rough BUT did turn out a gem till I unknowingly cracked it during final sanding…to say […]

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HW85 Part3, trigger block and rear spring guide

Some spare time this afternoon, decided to attack the trigger block machining and make the rear spring guide. Usually the trigger blocks have a straight flat edge for the spring guide to fit too, with the 85 there is enough meat to to form a recess for the guide to locate into. its only 2mm […]

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Part2 HW85 strip down

Had some spare time so started with the strip down….have to say enough grease in this one to lube up 4 guns…any way on to the pics.               As you can see plenty of grease, after a quick rag off a spotted the piston sleeve had rotated and part […]

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HW85 rebuild and Tune

The early HW85 (Raised scope rail model) is really a small HW80, it has a detachable trigger block like the 80 but uses a 26mm piston. Im rebuilding this one for a friend so decided as I have neglected the blog a little it was time to create a build thread for this one outlining […]

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