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Looks like Walther will have the best springer award this year….bring on the 2012LGV

Found a link to a newly uploaded PDF/Brochure for the Walther 2012LGV, for those a little older they may remember the old LGV target rifle which had an awesome barrel lock, well this new version is a high power sporter; has the same barrel lock and a whole lot more…check the PDF Now all […]

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Diana T06 trigger first stage travel modification

Can’t take the kudos for this modification but decided I will reproduce it here so you guys have a reference point to come back to for the “how too” The Diana T06 trigger is close on HW Rekord quality but from the factory has a niggle that just was anoying me, the first stage travel […]

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HW85 part 5, final machining and bluing

The 85 has gone back to its owner now, he seems pleased 😉 I forgot to add the last update so here goes. here we have the piston rear bearing now machined down. the lip was also removed at the rear where the recess is for the screws for the scope rail, this was so […]

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venom stage1 HW80 piston modifications

A friend asked me to add bearings to a Venom Stage1 HW80, for those unsure what a stage 1 tune from venom contains I found the following. The trigger block is machined to except a press fit stainless steel spring guide, a new spring is supplied along with a tophat for the piston end of […]

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A fellow blog site I think is worth checking out

Please check out Nigel’s airgun blog, he usually has the scoop on new kit and news within the industry…

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Diana 280k 0.177, Rough from new but tamed in an afternoon.

Picked up a new Diana 280k from the shooting show here in the UK in February, initial impressions were its a nice gun to look at but bordering on horrid to shoot; lets look at the gun before I explain what I found wrong. Diana only list the 280 and 280 classic on their website, […]

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