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Helping out a mate with a seriously boingy HW80!

Shooting at the local club a few weeks back could not help but notice a mates HW80 was seriously boingy/twangy, in fact you could hear the spring twanging from 10 feet away!…so it was time to help. The HW80 has a stock stroke of 80mm, hence its name, bore is 30mm for a swept volume […]

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TX200 Mk3 quick short stroke conversion to conver the mk3 to the same stroke of the mk1

Air Arms originally designed the TX200 to very closely copy the bore / stroke / swept volume of the early 25mm piston HW77’s, then in a move i can only think was sales driven (USA market) they decided to up the power capability of the TX. This meant for UK use the guns were set […]

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Diana 52 short stroke for sub12FPE use

Here in the UK RUAG are discounting down the Diana 52k’s, they are only available in .22 which is kind of a bummer as i really wanted a .177 but i decided to jump in and have a play with one. Now…. only .22, i think i know the reason why 😉 The gun is […]

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