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TX200 short stroke with Walther LGV piston

TX200 Mk3 with Walther LGV piston…Bring on the short stroke drop in. We had a long thread about short stroking the TX200 Mk3, the -14mm of the mk1 piston makes the TX quite nice but it requires a new rod or piston cap to reduce the stroke on a mk3 piston as mk1 pistons are […]

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The 80/LGV is still a work in progress but wanted to talk a little of transfer port tuning.

When I decided to pass over the new LGV 2012 for a while and have a go at building my own part of the criteria was that I would design the gun based around known values, swept volume and static pressure etc. Now over the summer I have tinkered with 2x HW35’s and a HW55, […]

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Trigger detail update for HW80/LGV

As promised some pics, this is right after 200 pellets put thru the gun and i have no wear marks on the sear or the piston.                     Sorry about my grubby hands 😉 this should give you an idea. Sorry no measurements as i did this […]

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3rd small update HW80-LGV

Promised some pics, here is what I ordered from Germany, its the 16J spec service kit for the Walther LGV, you get the piston, a spring, a rear spring guide and a washer and 2 tubs of grease for 44 euro + shipping…not to bad 😉   A close up of the label.   Its […]

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2nd update on the HW80/LGV build.

Piston arrived..spent an hour altering the main sear on the Rekord trigger and its shooting….extremely well !! 🙂 I will update with pics of the trigger sear modification and the modification needed on the cocking shoe…the piston is pretty much a drop in job…bang on 80mm stroke also 😉 I will no doubt polish the […]

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Small update on the HW80 build…..adding the compression cylinder sleeve

Work has started on the 80 build now, decided to start with the compression cylinder while waiting for parts. The compression cylinder length is dictated be the distance from the breech to the cocking shoe aperture machined into the main cylinder…this happens to be 95.2mm on the gun I have here, the chosen stroke will […]

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not updated for a while….does not mean tinkering has not been done and knowledge gained however !!! ;-)

Its been a good few weeks without an update, quite a few PCP projects have been on the bench and I will bring them to the blog when I can…for now however I have something new…more of a challenge. I reported that Walther were bringing a new springer to the market, the LGV2012, it arrived […]

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