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Revisiting the Diana 52 Carbine

Event though I had the D52 shooting quite nice, i knew it could be better…with the Walther LGV piston being such a universal base for conversions I decided to see if it could get it to fit in the D52 and by making up a new longer piston rod reduce the stroke…and of course sleeve […]

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Final update for the .22 AGT80

Finally settled the .22 down, here is how the rifle ended up. Refitted 16inch HW90 barrel (same as 16inch HW80 barrel although the bare 90 barrel is slightly lighter weight) Added 280Gram barrel shroud (finishes flush with the end of the barrel) its just to add weight Originally the short stroke using the LGV piston […]

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HW80 LGV Piston Hybrid, news for .22 conversions (AGT80)

When I converted the .177 80 to LGV piston I also completed a .22 conversion at the same time, till now its been somewhat hold sensitive, to the point I thought the barrel was faulty…tried 3 barrels and all had the same issue…so looked deeper. The .177 conversion is much quicker than the .22, if […]

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