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venom stage1 HW80 piston modifications

A friend asked me to add bearings to a Venom Stage1 HW80, for those unsure what a stage 1 tune from venom contains I found the following.

The trigger block is machined to except a press fit stainless steel spring guide, a new spring is supplied along with a tophat for the piston end of the spring. The piston is polished but no bearings are added and a venom piston seal is supplied.

In this state of tune the rifle was nice to shoot but not as smooth as it could be, I wanted to retain as much of the Venom work as possible and not copy what they do for bearings so i decided to add 2 full circumfrence bearings to the piston after I had removed the flared skirt and trued it up.












You can see I added grooves for 2 bearings, one just behind the piston seal and the other on the piston skirt.


This last pic shows the bearings glued into place but not machined down. The bearings must be machined to suit the compression tube exactly then small relief set into them so they do not compress air as the piston travels down the compression tube on a shot cycle.









The gun is away being reblued, I will update this post to show more of the venom work and the rebuild when it is back with me.







  • Question on the press fit steel guide – I’d read about this elsewhere from Jon Harris. Any pics of this and what OD/ID steel guide they used? Jon recommended it on a TX I have and that steel on steel needs very little lube. Found it very interesting. Thanks!

  • it was machined exactly for the 80 venom spring ID and was press fitted into the trigger block. The gun is long gone now so I can’t take pics or advise further..sorry

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