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Diana T06 trigger first stage travel modification

Can’t take the kudos for this modification but decided I will reproduce it here so you guys have a reference point to come back to for the “how too”

The Diana T06 trigger is close on HW Rekord quality but from the factory has a niggle that just was anoying me, the first stage travel was wayyyyy toooo lonnngggg, I think I had it measured over 12mm so something had to be done.

The cure is to replace the 2 adjusting screws with long 3mm grub screws so you can get more adjustment, I initially fitted 10mm long grub screws but have decided to swap these to 16mm long screws to ease the adjustment with the trigger guard in place. Either is fine though and you can get the first stage down to 1mm if you wish, i set 3mm with around 0.5mm travel for letoff on the second stage…it feels like I am pulling the Rekord unit now 😉

  what you do is remove screw 1 and 2 and replace them with the new long grub screws, then its a question of adjusting screw 1 (1st stage) then bringing the second stage up with screw 2…be patient here, I had to go back and forth adjusting 1 then 2 then back to 1 again etc to shorten the 1st stage travel then bring in the 2nd stage with screw 2. So to be 100% clear here, adjust 1 then 2 then back to 1 and back to 2 untill you dial in a short first stage and the second stage breaks clean and crisp with no creap.




Here in black are the original screws and the silver is the new stainless screws you need..










As you can see they are around the same length but the grub screws have no shoulder so you can adjust them in further. I recomend some weak thread lock on these so they stay adjustble but do not work lose within the trigger.

I lighly polished the ends of the grub screws on some 1000’s wet and dry before use, just so they were smooth and even, this will stop them fouling as the trigger rubs against them.

last, if you want a lighter first stage you will have to either fit a weaker spring in position 3 or cut a coil or two off the spring supplied, i found with it adjusted all the way out it was still a little heavy for me…each to their own though…just remember to not go to light and make the trigger dangerous 😉




  • Hello Tony, I have purchased one of the 280’s and like many love the wait and balance of it,but as you have pointed out the 1st stage of the trigger is too long! can you please advise me where I would get these 16mm grub screws from, what type of thread they need to be? can you provide a tune for the rifle,( as per the related article, and if so the cost?

    looking forward to hearing from you regards…………John.

  • John, the grub screws you will need are these one from EBAY, Item number: 250753493371 they are M3x16mm, hope that helps mate, I’ve ordered a pack and I’ve not even got the rifle yet, ATB Pete

  • My 280k as you see has full bearings, piston sleeve etc, it has zero metal to metal contact. SFS do 2 levels of tune…what did the previous owner say it had..stage 1 or 2?

  • Not sure what level of tuning it has to be honest Tony, I’m in France at the moment and hopefully I can complete the deal when I return to the UK in a few days, knowing Tony at SFS it’s probably only had a new spring, polish and piston seal resize but it will probably be better than standard, I’ll let you know if I get the rifle and how it shoots, ATB Pete

  • I think it’s a no go with the 280, I keep getting mucked about by the seller so I think I’ll look for something else, I do have a couple of rifles in mind, ATB Pete

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