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Looks like Walther will have the best springer award this year….bring on the 2012LGV

Found a link to a newly uploaded PDF/Brochure for the Walther 2012LGV, for those a little older they may remember the old LGV target rifle which had an awesome barrel lock, well this new version is a high power sporter; has the same barrel lock and a whole lot more…check the PDF

Now all we need is an under lever version to compete directly with the AirArms TX and Prosport rifles, the HW97 is already behind the AA offerings and only betters them when extensively tuned, if Walther were to bring an under lever version of this rifle that sure would be the gun to use for HFT and FT in the recoiling class.







  • Like I already said on the BBS Tony, Walther are going to have to put a few more beneficial items on this rifle (if it is to be a proper hunting rifle) and on an underlever if they want to compete with AA, in my eyes they will have to go a hell of a long way to beat the Prosport (in performance and looks), HW don’t have a chance really, they have proved themselves in the past few years to be lacking in quality, I wouldn’t buy another HW unless it was secondhand and already tuned, if the LGV could possibly be the lighter shorter Pro Elite replacement then it would be worth looking at and could possibly pan the backsides of HW.

  • what else do they need to add? Match proven barrel lockup, bearings, multi transfer port tech (this I have to see) and a quote saying its close on recoil-less (which again I have to see)

  • A shorter barrel, silencer and a higher cheekpiece for starters, a dedicated scope only use rifle for hunting.

  • I don’t think the ultra looks to bad as it is, the open sights come off easy and its probably really quiet already 😉

  • I really don’t see why Walther need to produce a fixed barrel lgv to compete with the HW or Air Arms offerings.
    It has been proven many times that a top quality break barrel air rifle is every bit as accurate as a fixed barrel. This gun will prove it in competition.

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