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2nd update on the HW80/LGV build.

Piston arrived..spent an hour altering the main sear on the Rekord trigger and its shooting….extremely well !! 🙂

I will update with pics of the trigger sear modification and the modification needed on the cocking shoe…the piston is pretty much a drop in job…bang on 80mm stroke also 😉 I will no doubt polish the sear modification and re harden the sear.

Some news on the Walther LGV piston:

The piston tube is machined from a thick walled tube, the rear skirt is hardened and the piston nose end is internally threaded. The Piston nose is externally threaded and screws into the piston tube. The piston nose is drilled and tapped for the piston rod to screw in. The front bearing sits on a shoulder just behind the piston seal…and lastly the ** piston seal is a direct copy of a Weihrauch** unit (how it fits/snaps on and yes you can fit a HW or after market HW seal to the LGV piston). I also have a feeling this piston will be a drop in modification for the AA TX200, not sure what stroke it would give in the TX however, will experiment at a later date.


** now found Walther were actually the first to use the parachute design synthetic seal of this design and HW looked to have copied Walther…this dates back to around the time of the first gen LG55 and LGV’s.**









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