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3rd small update HW80-LGV

Promised some pics, here is what I ordered from Germany, its the 16J spec service kit for the Walther LGV, you get the piston, a spring, a rear spring guide and a washer and 2 tubs of grease for 44 euro + shipping…not to bad 😉


A close up of the label.


Its pretty much the same as a TX200 piston, well made as I posted earlier. The grease is handy and the piston grease is actually quite nice with enough to do many guns.


Next up a quick pic showing some of the modifications needed to the main sear on the Rekord trigger. There is another modification needed but i do not have pics of this just now, they will be added on the next strip down.




Bottom sear is the stock untouched one, the top one shows some relief added, I also dished the sear so that it cupped the piston rod (the smaller diamater bit) which I will show on a later pic. I wanted to maximise surface contact as the sear is holding back a lot of force…the mods to the sear were minimal and im not to worried about it losing some of its strength.

Last pic is the rear skirt detail and piston rod…the rear bearing is sized for a 30mm compression tube so no machining is needed, drop it in and go 😉



Next update i will show the addition sear machining and the alterations needed for the cocking shoe. I am considering a 75mm stroke version on a second HW80 with the same hardware, this will not need any modification to the cocking shoe, right now the gun has a standard piston with short stroke down to 60mm, the problem is this conversion is much much sweeter to shoot 😉


More soon

  • Tony, who did you acquire the kit from? I’d like to try this out in a TX200.

  • German airgun retailers are carrying the kits, they are not available in the UK just yet.

  • Thanks very much Tony. I had a short stroke done with the longer stem and therefore lost the bear trap function as well.

    Based on your experience should the piston stem latch geometry pose any safety issues? Or is the engagement pretty solid?

    Over here guys have been experimenting with O-ring pistons to help with lube and temp sensitivity. What’s been your motivation for using them?

  • The sear engagement is near perfect, if you want to fine tune it have the piston spun in a lathe and stone the back face on the rod down to match the angle exactly…its really very very close though.

    I use O rings a lot, the reasons are much faster locktime due to lower frictional loses, cheapness of the seal, much reduced lost volume and more accurate static compression short you can fine tune the gun much better.
    The end result is silly accurate shot to shot variance..often 1 or 2fps between many many shots.

    I saw Ed Canoles is using Moly powder, i ordered some in to give it a try also…i have a feeling with optimum weight piston, O ring, perfect static compression and TP flow adding the moly will just be the icing on the cake and we will have little left we can tweak 🙂

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