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Trigger detail update for HW80/LGV

As promised some pics, this is right after 200 pellets put thru the gun and i have no wear marks on the sear or the piston.











Sorry about my grubby hands 😉 this should give you an idea. Sorry no measurements as i did this by feel offering the piston to the trigger and seeing if it would engage..then removing it and grinding a tad more off etc. If pushed I will get things measured up.


It is more of a touchy feely job however, taking a little off at a time till it engages, contact is VERY good with a huge surface area of the sear holding the piston.


No idea why the second stage adjustment screw and sear look canted over, when back in the gun everything lines up true…will maybe have to investigate this a little further..the gun is really quite old (very early Mk1) 901457 manufactured 1980/ (early 81 possibility) so 32years old ish 😉






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