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Rarely show a finished gun on here…here is my project 80/LGV hybrid.

Just 2 quick pics to show how she looks now, bluing by Collin Malloy RFD here in the UK and because I like the Mk1 80 stocks I decided to just rework the woodwork she was in and have something a little different.

The dark wood I inlet into the stock is India Rosewood, I had it to hand and thought the contrast would be nice..its different although I know some will not like it.

So, final specs for the gun.

1980 HW80, started life as a .22, action was painted, stock was dinged and scratched, cost me £120

New 410mm Long .177 barrel, dovetails filed off

Self made shroud, not showing the internals although they are not special, extends the barrel 50mm…very quiet

Rowan Engineering fully setback trigger blade.

Walther LGV (the new one) piston, reworked main sear on trigger, 25mm sleeve, 3.6mm transfer port, reworked LGV mainspring, power set to 11.2fpe for UK use.








Just put her back together after getting her back from Collin, have to say I really like this one.


Total outlay for the project.

Gun 120

Barrel 90

Trigger 36

Bluing 60 (no barrel was blued hence cheaper)

Rosewood 10

Oil 50p

Steel for shroud 4

cocking shoe 8

Piston  and spring 45

Guides material 4

total £369.50

Normally i would not have to buy a barrel so normally this type of project would have cost £250 to £280 all in to better than new condition.

Obviously my time machining was free 😉



  • Looks great with the inlay, I’d have maybe used the inlay create a nice looking cheek riser?
    I’m considering getting the end block on my hw50 brass plated to match the trigger, guard and safety pin

  • I just used rosewood as spacers, it was to hand and my intention was to add a little detail…make it less boring as its refinished beech.

  • Once again you have just opened my eyes as to a way of raising my cheek piece without the need for risers 🙂

  • I have a complaint.
    With your obvious engineering talent, how come you spent money on the rowan trigger?
    I made that with nothing more than drill guide, 9 inch angle grinder and a dremel.
    I deliberately lowered the curve to allow more access to the screw, works a treat and cost a fiver 🙂

  • As some one else showed a trigger they made…..

    Im making a agt80 and knocked up a trigger for it. Quite a bit of time spent on this. Trying to get the inner and outer of the trigger mirrored and perfevtly curved wasnt easy! bits

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