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World exclusive first pics of the new quickfill system for first generation (Non-quickfill)HW100 owners from Best-fittings here in the UK

First pics of a prototype being developed by Richard over at Best Fittings ( 0845 456 1185).

AGT approached Best Fittings to produce a quickfill retrofit unit a few months ago, Richard agreed the idea was a good one and working together you now see the first prototype under test.

This is a totally end user friendly retro fit unit, no modification to the air cylinder is needed and as you see from the pic no modification to the stock is needed also… Mine shown here is a CS800 custom stock, but the standard T and S stocks have no issues either. The unit is based on a movable banjo so positioning the fill nipple is really very easy. If you wished to modify the stock and have the fill nipple pointing out the bottom or side of the stock this would just mean positioning it in this location on initial installation on the rifle.

This is a preproduction prototype, final units will be 95% blacked…Just a small brass ring will be left natural, Richard is also considering an Aluminium version although first run units will be Brass.

Silencer fit with the cylinder lengthened is tight BUT a work around is planned with a small Delrin spacer for barrels that have standard Weihrauch 20mm long unf threads; also the barrel band no  longer supports the cylinder (this could be fixed with a small plastic sleeve if needed though and is not a concern)

For now that’s about all the info I can pass to you, enjoy the rest of the pics and post comment if you wish.

  • Looks good. The black finish will look better. Presumably the fitting is your QC02 fill connector?

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