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Something I dreamt up….recoil and surge dampener.

This would lose some spring room but in theory would counter piston bounce.

O ring placement would need to be experimented with to ensure enough compression happens, this is just a rough idea to get some creative juices flowing.

Pneumatic recoil and surge dampener

  • Interesting design, maybe the comp cylinder in black would need to bonded to the piston for a good transfer of inertia?, be interested to see how this works in practice, mostly how the damper effects the consistency of the shot cycle given that its going to be under a lot of load when the gun is cocked.
    Given any thought to a short stroking adapter that incorporates the same principle?

  • as you say paul this can now be ported to become a new piston head, this would gain back 10mm of spring room and help keep the weight down, I will have a look and see if I can come up with anything over the next few days.

  • You’re a bad man letting these thoughts out to infect those of us of limited intelligence.
    Thinking about the 30mm of piston weight in my 50, wondering if the same idea could be condensed into that size then I got thinking about maybe a really heavy valve spring in place of it then a delrin top hat and spring. stiff enough not to be compressed when cocking yet soft enough to brake the piston during the shot cycle.

  • Hello sir
    Does the walther lgv piston fit right on the diana 52 gun without any modifications ?

  • no…the walther piston is 25mm diameter where diana use a 28mm bore, so other mods are required

  • Hi there ,the piston damper Idea is interesting, I noticed that Greenfield Customs are using this idea in the xs 19, a bit simpler as it does not have a piston rod, they call it the” power pill” and was reported on in Air gun shooter they found it effective.

  • Really Nick?

    well i had not seen theirs, we got talking about inertia weights on the pistons of springers I thought why not do it with an air cushion pushing it forward…hence what you see here

  • Yes I will try to find the edition that it is in, It uses a two part top hat with three o rings in the bore, and one between the shoulders to cushion on closing, The writer reckons its akin to a pcp to shoot!. My first thoughts were that it wouldn’t compress when it needed to , but have since realised(summer air gun world Jim Tyler) that the pressures involved in piston rebound are huge. S I have bought an XS 19 to try it out(when I get my lathe). If it works it must be good as the standard XS19 kicks like a mule!

  • I found the article if anyone is interested Its in the summer edition of airgun shooter

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