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Bringing content home, back to where it started.

The end is coming soon for facebook airgunning pages and groups, I initially changed focus to Facebook as that is where most people were navigating too…well they are now actively blocking and deleting airgunning content so its time to bring that content back here and rebuild what I started.
The hosting here is tiny, I have enabled a forum and will try to make the blog more mobile friendly going forward, there is much to learn, i was always a computer hardware guy not a software guys so this is all a little new, but we will get there 😉
Check out the forum, you need to register, once in the only bad part is you can only link images and downloads from your own hosting such as Google Pictures off your google drive or One drive or I drive etc…the hosting is so small pics would soon eat up my available space and bandwidth allowed.

More to come, new content and obviously the forum. For now both my group and page on facebook are still live, but for how long?

  • Thanks Tony. Hope you can get this site back up and going. Looking forward to it.


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