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Webley Vulcan piston tweaking

On with various projects BUT wanted to publish this simple modification to the Webley Vulcan piston. The rifle belongs to a shooting buddies son, its his first springer and while in like new condition is had an issue where it would deliver 10.5FPE then for some unknown reason deliver a string of shots at 8FPE. I checked the piston seal it looked OK but decided to Oring it anyway.

21mm ID 3mm section Viton O ring was used, groove machined to allow 0.6mm crush on the Oring which looks to work well. Lubed the compression tube with buffed in Moly GN paste and SM50 on the Oring and Derin piston bearings.

100 Pellets shows the rifle is much more consistent now, the lock time was further helped with a Derin tophat for the spring BUT no piston liner at this time….maybe on its next rebuild.

Average FPS is now around 575 with 14.4gr superdomes which is where it should be (10.5 FPE)

Some pics:

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